Team Timeout

Team Timeout is a small community of close online friends from all over the place. Though Team Timeout was a community based around playing video games on the Xbox 360, it quickly evolved into a small gathering of people who remain friends to this day. was once the website used for most of the interaction between the members of Team Timeout. The website thrived within the small community from 2008 until about 2011. Since then, the members of Team Timeout have remained in contact, but by using alternative and more popular modern methods.

Most Team Timeout members have gone on to accomplish great things since the decline of Many have since graduated high school and moved onto their college years.

While video games and freeTTime have been replaced with class, work, family, local friends, significant others, passionate hobbies and among other things; the base nostalgia of Team Timeout still exists and will likely lie deep within its members for a long period of time.